Trondheim City Bike

We launched the new Trondheim City Bike in May 2018. In the first season, a total of 103 632 trips were taken, a fourfold increase from the previous year. In 2019, just under 360 000 trips were taken by 17 660 unique users, to and from 56 stations.

World’s first hybrid lock

Starting in 2018, we introduced a completely new system with self-designed bikes and stations, as well as a unique, self-developed hybrid lock. This lock makes it possible to physically lock the bike to a station, as many cities want, at the same time as it allows the user to lock the bike if they want to take a break. The bikes are equipped with a GPS and accelerometer that will alert the system if someone tries to move a bike while it is parked or locked outside a rack.

With geo-fences and virtual stations you can park and unlock an unlimited number of bikes within a given area. This can be used to expand a popular station during rush hour, or it can be used as a collection point during gatherings or festivals. In 2019, we collaborated with Olavsfestdagene to facilitate transport for festival participants to and from events.

Close cooperation

Successful planning and development has come as a result of close and good cooperation with Trondheim municipality. The municipality has arranged for rapid expansion, and in a few weeks after opening, 40 stations were in place in and around Trondheim city center. We prepare detailed reports with key figures and updated information about the facility, and they can access their own dashboard with real-time information for numbers, usage patterns and sales.

Local operation

Trondheim City Bike has three permanent employees and three seasonal employees. They drive around daily and make sure that stations are not too full or completely empty. Users can report faults on the stations and bicycles via the app, and the cars will be notified immediately.

For more information on where you can cycle in Trondheim and buy a subscription, read more at Trondheim City Bike.


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