Project and Construction Management

Our department for planning, design and construction are experts in urban micro-infrastructure, having visited, designed and been responsible for applications and building of many hundreds of construction projects, mainly city bike stations and shelters in Norway’s largest cities. We have experience from construction on municipal and private land, with various actors and clients, and take care of everything in the process.

From plan to finished structure

Those who believe that small projects require similarly little planning and engineering have never tried to build 200 shelters in the country’s capital. Or 95 city bike stations in Bergen, where new and modern urban infrastructure has to fit into historic areas. Our clients are often surprised at how much detail and clarification lies behind every single application and every little construction project.

Many years of experience with this type of work has made us experts in the process needed to get a good idea materialized where you want it on the city map. We know who we need to talk to, who needs to be involved, the smartest procedure and can see it all the way to the end, with our own employees on the construction site.

Our Team

We have architects, urban planners, project managers, construction managers and project staff, and with that it sounds like we are a large team. The reality is that we are a small and close-knit group of good and efficient people who are used to wearing many hats and working closely together. No task is too small for any of us, and we distribute the large tasks according to experience and finally solve them together.

Our employees have a good reputation with our clients for being efficient, accurate and not at least available for them. Finding a solution that all parties can be happy with is always our highest goal.

What can we do for you?

  • Planning: Our city planners inspect, draw, examine, make contacts and apply.
  • Project Management: Our project staff ensures implementation within agreed budgets and dates, reports on progress and has an overview at all times.
  • Construction Management: Our construction managers ensure that everything happens according to the agreed plan, within current laws and regulations, ensure progress and take pride in handing over the urban infrastructure we can vouch for.

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