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Our infrastructure

UIP owns the infrastructure for Oslo City Bike, Trondheim City Bike and Bergen City Bike, ie the stations, the bicycles and everything around the operation of these. In addition, we own the 200 new shelters we have built in Oslo.


Oslo City Bike

Since the launch of the new system in 2016, Oslo City Bike has provided almost 10 million trips, and is one of the most efficient bicycle sharing systems in the world. With around 250 stations and 6 000 locks within Ring 3, it is a good alternative to public transport in the city.

Bergen City Bike

Bergen had no tradition of bicycle sharing, but since Bergen City Bike was launched in 2018, the number of trips has grown at record speed. Around 80 stations strategically located in the city have made the year-round service extremely popular, despite the weather.

Trondheim City Bike

The new Trondheim City Bike was launched in May 2018 with a completely new system of bicycles, stations and a unique, self-developed hybrid lock, which gives the user a completely new flexibility. In collaboration with Trondheim municipality, we work to increase the number of stations from the current 56.

Oslo Shelter

Together with Sporveien Media and Clear Channel Norway, we have set up 200 new shelters at bus and tram stops in Oslo. They are established where there have been no shelters before, or replace old, existing bus shelters. Now we can offer the city’s public transport elegant comfort and completely new real-time information.

UIP Drift AS
VAT 920 285 376

Kværnerveien 5
0192 Oslo, Norway