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Oslo Shelter AS

UIP have been responsible for building and operating 200 new shelters and 200 information columns for Sporveien Media and have been involved in the design and functionality of the shelter and column throughout the process.

The shelter and column are designed in collaboration with Epsilon Cities, at its factory in Belgium. Much thought and engineering have been out into the process to make sure the shelters are following the strict Norwegian standards for wind and snow loads.

All the shelters are equipped with new and exciting real-time information that opens up new opportunities and gives the waiting passengers a better user experience. The screens for this are provided by Bravo.

For the glass panels we chose to work with Norwegian glass manufacturer Modum Glassindustri, ensuring short travelled glass of high quality. The contrast marking is made with a special ceramic print, which means they will continue to look good over time, since colors will not fade and there is no foil for impatient fingers to pick on. 

In the coming years, UIP will build more shelters based on the new design for the benefit of the country’s public transport travelers. If you would like to learn more about our specially designed shelters and columns, made to endure Norwegian weather and keep passengers well sheltered and informed, don’t hesitate to contact Øyvind Olsen at +47 920 23 648 or e-mail for more information.

UIP Drift AS
VAT 920 285 376

Kværnerveien 5
0192 Oslo, Norway