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About us

The UIP group (Urban Infrastructure Partner) plans, finances, builds, develops and operates urban infrastructure with the user in focus. We are the preferred partner for urban development and micromobility.

The group offers a total solution that includes a customized, advanced software platform, an operating strategy that is optimized for high use and an experienced construction management team. The company is behind Oslo City Bike, Bergen City Bike, Trondheim City Bike and Oslo Shelter, among others. The group has chosen to own and operate a large part of the value chain. In addition, the company operates on behalf of Clear Channel Norway AS more than 2340 analogue advertising surfaces and 500 shelters. 200 of these are newly planned and built by us, with Sporveien Media as the client. 

UIP currently has 40 permanent employees in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. In high season we have extra employees such as drivers, mechanics and customer service representatives. 

The beginning

Urban Infrastructure Partner was established in 2015 and the opening of the new Oslo City Bicycle on 4 April 2016 marked the start of our first full year of operation. Since then, we have signed contracts in several cities, launched bike-sharing programs in Bergen and Trondheim, and initiated Oslo Lehus.

Our vision

UIP’s vision is “We create smarter and better cities for you!” In a world of increased urbanization, we are involved in developing cities that flow seamlessly. By integrating mobility solutions across existing infrastructure, UIP delivers sustainable, efficient and profitable ways to increase urban mobility. We have a data-driven approach, and ensure that each part of the system provides a high-quality experience in an efficient manner. We are committed to working with our customers and sponsors to offer innovative and relevant services. Together, we build smart cities with intelligent solutions that help shape the future of sustainable micromobility.

UIP is a pioneer, and leading in Norway, in developing, delivering and operating micromobility services in close collaboration with public authorities. Each individual system is tailored for each city based on analyzes of expected traffic flow, travel habits, demographics, topography, etc. The analyzes are based, among other things, on data from existing micromobility systems, data from suppliers of public transport and research.

Social responsibility

For UIP, social responsibility is an important part of our identity and culture. We want to be a positive contribution to the cities we are part of. We do this, among other things, by offering work training and support to people who have had a rough start in life. In Oslo, we have collaborated with “Network after imprisonment” (Nettverk etter soning), an initiative from the Red Cross (Røde Kors) that helps former inmates back into society by offering work training and help to build a social network. With us, these have worked as part of our maintenance and mechanic teams. We have also collaborated with the Mob Project (Pøbelprosjektet), Oslo Municipality / NAV and GammelNok.

In Bergen, several of our employees come from various municipal and NAV initiatives. Over the years, we have collaborated with NAV Aktiv Sør, Ny Sjanse, NorA and Kirkens Bymisjon.

Focus on the environment

We strive to reduce our energy and material consumption, our greenhouse gas emissions and waste. We do this by finding locally adapted and flexible solutions that meet our environmental standards and certification requirements.

We indirectly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting strict environmental requirements for the production of our micro-mobility vehicles and racks. The racks we have produced for Trondheim and Bergen are made in Fredrikstad from recycled aluminum from old wreckage cars. By using our geofence technology, we can completely eliminate the need for physical racks and thus save further material use.

Environmental profile

UIP has a strong environmental profile, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is in our DNA. The company has its origins in offering sustainable and environmentally friendly services. It is through these services that the operating company has built up an equally high environmental focus.

The operating company currently has 14 zero-emission vehicles (electrically powered). In addition, the company has 5 specially built trucks we use for redistribution of bikes. And a 2020 model specially built VW Crafter as a fully equipped workshop that handles heavy transport and maintenance needs. Of course, all fossil vans are Euro VI certified, as the strictest environmental standard for such vehicles.

Good environment is more than vehicles and therefore we handle waste at our own recycling facility at our locations. Defect equipment is disposed off to the recipient of EE waste approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency. 

UIP Drift was Eco-Lighthouse certified Spring 2022.  

Our Goals:

  • Sort all waste 
  • Reduce the total amount of waste by 10 %
  • Reduce the total energy consumption of buildings and cars by 5 %
  • Increase the use of eco-labeled products by 5 %

Link to :

Read UIP Drift’s yearly environment report (in Norwegian) here 

Transperancy Act

UIP will ensure that our business activities are carried out in a way that promotes respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services.

We are in an ongoing process to prepare due diligence assessments of our own business, business partners and suppliers. The work will result in improved insight into the risk that the group’s operations have an adverse impact on decent working conditions and fundamental human rights. Based on mapped risk, it will be assessed whether sufficient measures are already in place for handling the relevant risk, or whether new measures need to be developed and implemented.

You can read UIP’s due diligence assessments in Norwegian here.

For questions about UIP’s compliance with the Transparency Act, inquiries can be directed to We normally respond to inquiries within three weeks.

Contact us

Espen Øyen

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Øyvind Olsen

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Christine Surlien

CCO – Chief Communication Officer

UIP Drift AS
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