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Customer Service

Our customer service center receives inquiries from users of the city bike systems in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Annually, we process around 68 000 conversations via telephone, email, chat and social media. To ensure a good user experience, we are committed to being there for our customers, whenever and wherever they need. Our goal is to create satisfied customers, while their feedback and insights help us improve our services.

User contact

For the city bike users we have created a contact system that encourages communication via chat in the app. Our messaging platform allows us to sort, log and track our calls. We can mark conversations and see where users experience the greatest challenges from day to day, while we can generate statistics and see trends over a longer period of time. We also have an overview of conversations the users have had with us in the past, which makes it easier to process new inquiries.

We make weekly reports based on numbers and feedback in the platform. These are shared with our technology partner and operations department, and help us branch out insights and opportunities for improvement in the various parts. Annually we send out a user survey to gain increased insight into the user experience and how it can be improved.

We are familiar with a number of platforms, and can quickly familiarize ourselves with and use the desired communication surfaces for your company.

Our Team

Our customer service representatives are based in Oslo. We adapt the workforce in terms of season, day of the week and time of day. This makes it easy to adapt to larger events such as festivals and events. Customer service also takes responsibility for keeping track of the cities we operate in. This can be anything from weather changes, changed usage patterns, upcoming festivals / events and the consequences this has (closed roads, etc.). They send out status messages about deviations in both the app and website, and communicate continuously with operations, should problems arise. We are also available for promotion in connection with events and fairs.

What can we do for you?

Do you need someone to take care of inquiries from users and customers? We have spare capacity and professional customer service representatives who will ensure a short response time and efficient problem solving.

  • Flexible customer service representatives who master a variety of systems and platforms
  • Help with events and fairs
Interested in learning more? Contact Customer Experience team leader Martina Mentzoni for more information:

UIP Drift AS
VAT 920 285 376

Kværnerveien 5
0192 Oslo, Norway