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Vi fjerner tagging raskt og effektivt

Operation and Maintenance

Having operated Norway’s largest city bike system in Oslo for years, we have gained extensive experience in building an operating organization, setting up a workshop, and hiring and training qualified staff. In our existing city bike systems, we have demonstrated that we can operate a city bike system efficiently and flexibly, while ensuring the best possible user experience. Input from employees and customers is actively used to improve operations and help us maintain a sustainable operating model.

UIP’s head office, warehouse and operations center is located in Oslo, and have operations centers in Trondheim and Bergen. The company has its own employees and arranged employment conditions. In addition, the company has established routines and agreements with suppliers of specialist expertise such as electricians, mechanical workshops, technology and telecommunication, etc.

In addition to ensuring that the city bikes roll as they should, the company also operates through UIP Oslo Lehus AS on behalf of Clear Channel Norway AS more than 2340 analog advertising surfaces and 500 bus shelters. Operation includes cleaning, change of timetables, graffiti removal, light check, change glass and generally provide good user experiences for the city’s travelers.

Our Team

Our employees are a group of dedicated problem solvers who are used to moving out to small and large tasks at short notice, whether it is a bicycle station or bus shelter. They know they are visible out there and that the work they do is noticed.

Our city bike teams consist of mechanics and drivers of specially adapted trucks. We have our own bicycle workshops in each city, but in the summer a lot of the repairs are done outside at the stations. Both mechanics and users greatly appreciate the opportunity for the contact this provides.

The bus shelter team has regular routines for maintenance, in addition to what is reported during the day. Broken glass must be secured within an hour and replaced within 24 hours. No working day is the same and no problems are impossible to solve.

A positive and inclusive work environment ensures stable teams that work well together and know each other well. This makes us efficient and highly valued by our partners.

What can we do for you?

  • Outdoor cleaning, general maintenance and graffiti removal on all types of surfaces
  • Operation and maintenance of shelters, bus shelters, public transport stops, platforms
  • Operation and maintenance of city bike systems
  • Janitor services

If you have questions about what we can offer in operation and maintenance, contact Øyvind Olsen by e-mail

UIP Drift AS
VAT 920 285 376

Kværnerveien 5
0192 Oslo, Norway