Our companies - Urban Infrastructure Partner Group

UIP Holding AS is a Norwegian parent company to an integrated, collaborative group of companies focused on shared urban infrastructure.
Who we are

UIP Oslo Bysykkel AS

UIP Oslo Bysykkel AS develops, operates, and finances Oslo City Bike.

UIP Trondheim Bysykkel AS

UIP Oslo Bysykkel AS develops, operates, and finances Trondheim City Bike.

UIP Bergen Bysykkel AS

UIP Bergen Bysykkel AS develops, operates, and finances Bergen City Bike.

Urban Sharing AS

Urban Sharing is a software platform for forward-thinking mobility solutions, which provides the technology for everything from smart locks, to data analytics, user-friendly apps. See Urban Sharing's blog here.

UIP Customer Experience AS

The customer and marketing service center for all of UIP Group's internal operative companies. Our dedicated team offers real-time customer service, engages with users through events and social media, and creates awareness and excitement around the system.

UIP Construction Management AS

UIP Construction Management specializes in planning, coordinating, engineering, and supervising the building of complex urban infrastructure systems for both internal and external partners.

UIP Oslo Lehus AS

The operative company for the bus shelter contract in Oslo.

UIP Holding AS
Kværnerveien 5, 0192 Oslo, Norway
VAT 919 899 271